Saturday, 11 August 2012

Casablanca Lily Workshop with Christine Willoughby

Well What a fantastic day we have all had,
Christine from Tauranga came down to run a Casablanca Lily workshop hosted by us (Upper Hutt) There were seven of in total who attended the workshop and all of us walked away with a stunning looking flower. This was due to the great teacher we had on the day. Thanks Christine
Christine on the left showing how to make the petals

3 petals done 3 to go

Now with 6 petals
Didn't we do well!!!


  1. Had an awesome day :) I made a fantastic Lily, even I was impressed at how life like it was. Christine was a great teacher. Lets do it all again soon. Cheers, Fiona

  2. Yes, Ofcourse Christine is a great teacher, I learned from her beautiful art in Matamata annual workshop.
    Your Lilies are excellant I wish I was with you in your workshop but I had my Waitakere BDO at the same time, may be in the future .
    Wishing you a happy and successfull workshops.

    Iman Ayoub
    Waitakere Club